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One Second-One Life

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One Second-One Life

Post by Apollo Kronidis on Tue Nov 03, 2015 2:21 pm

Dear Reader~?

Hello there! My name is Apollo. I don't know exactly what to write. The whole point of the Farewell Letters, is kinda odd to me. What I know for sure, is that everything went by so fast.

I only attended this school, for two years. They were probably the best years of my life, so far. But my story begins further back... In Edinburgh. My beautiful parents, Kostas and Dimitra, visited Scotland during their Christmas holidays. Now, you'll ask me: "what kind of weird names are these"? They're Greek, oh curious reader! My parents are from Greece and moved to France, after their marriage. I love Greece. I have so many friends there. The sunny weather, my friends... and the sea... the beautiful sea. I could spend my life there, forever. It's like heaven. However, no matter how much I love Greece, I could never leave my friends from France. I was raised here. It's my home.

Although I mentioned many, the main reason I love my country of origin, is history. I love history. No matter how boring it may seem for you, it's the most interesting thing ever, for me. Learning about how our present was shaped the way it is. It's marvelous. It's almost... magical. Learning about foreign cultures is also my hobby, and who can forget my love for traveling? I'm generally an eager and curious person! I want to learn everything about anything!

Now, where I was? Oh right! I was born in Edinburgh, to these beautiful aforementioned parents. Unfortunately, my mother died during my birth. I never met her. I've never told anybody, but I feel like she gave her life to give me mine. It makes me sad to think that I exist... because another person died. Sometimes, I wonder how my life would be if she was still alive. Or how my father's life would be if I didn't exist...

I lived a normal childhood. I wasn't really the most obedient kid ever, though... Tee-hee! I broke my arm once, almost fall off the balcony twice... I had a lot of experiences for sure! The best one, though, was when I discovered that I am a wizard. I still remember that day and shiver. How exciting! My father, being also a wizard, sent me to the only wizard-school of our area.

It wasn't the best choice. A horrible one actually. The school turned out to be a total mess. My magic-training was awful and I felt like I was left far behind my peers. That being said, I decided to apply for the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. It had a really good reputation. And... they accepted me. THEY ACCEPTED ME.

I only attended this school, for two years. They were probably the best years of my life, so far. I learned so many amazing things here. One of them being, my love for Quidditch. I didn't really know what Quidditch even was, before attending this school. Now I love it. I love it as much as swimming, my eternal passion! I would like to thank my headmistress and professors and everybody running this school. It was the best experience for me. And THANK YOU, for making me a Perfect. Thank you for trusting me. I hope, I didn't let you down.  

Tears come to my eyes as I'm writing this letter. I didn't know what to write before. Now I almost unfolded you my entire life. I guess, that's the point of the Farewell Letters. All the beautiful memories are returning. Images forgotten or never deemed important.

My friends... Oh my dear friends. I guess I became too sentimental back there, huh? Sorry. The friends I made here, in this school... I will forever care for them and have a special place for them, kept in my heart. I love you guys! I love you Aidan, Isobel, Kayla, Jonas, Greg, Carlie, Ursula (yeah, you too), Autumn and Max. And... I love Sophie. Yeah, I have a crush on Sophie. I'm disappointed, that I never managed to talk to her about it. I wasn't shy... I was just thinking that I had time. That I wouldn't graduate that quickly. I was wrong.

Dear reader, always live life, like it's gonna end tomorrow. Always live each day like it's your last. Always be optimistic. Always accept everybody for who he or she is. Always understand the opinions of others, and if you don't understand or agree with them, always support their right to say them. Always see the beauty of our world. Always accept diversity. Always be curious. Learn. Discover. Explore. Always care for others... Just don't worry too much about them, as a great Quidditch friend of mine, said. Always do whatever you want. Always dream on. Always help others.

Always live life, as yourself.

With love,

Apollo Kronidis, a crazy, crazy, Beauxbatons student and wizard.

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