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Term 21 Round II: Casavant vs. Oulett

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Term 21 Round II: Casavant vs. Oulett

Post by Professor Bowen on Wed Oct 14, 2015 7:30 pm

Time had passed since the first game of the season happened enough for the leaves to fall off of the trees and for a heavy blanket of snow to fall upon the ground. It was the winter game, the quidditch game before players and students alike got a break from school and were allowed to go home for the holiday. She expected none of this to have a negative effect on her teams today and wanted to see admirable playing that could top last game. Not that she was disappointed in the teams from last game, as she noticed the new players had settled in well and improved since their tryouts, she was just always pushing for the best.

Outside the wind was wailing and the snow failed to cease. The snowstorm was irrelevant, though. Quidditch was never cancelled no matter what the weather or what the conditions. Bowen would hold a Quidditch game even if the world was ending. "Hats, scarves and gloves are not optional for this game and suggested. I don't want to see any players receiving frostbite this game, alright?" She spoke to the two teams. "I know holiday is coming up, but try to stay focused and make this a good game," she all but pleaded of the teams.

"Oullett is well on their way to winning the Quidditch cup," She turned to face the green and yellow team, offering a smile of approval. "So if Casavant has any hopes to have a chance of winning the cup, you better start pushing yourselves."

"Let the game begin!" She tossed the quaffle up into the air, watching it sway a bit in the wind. This was sure to be an interesting game.

Announcers are Andrea and Sophie


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Re: Term 21 Round II: Casavant vs. Oulett

Post by Andrea Ritter on Thu Oct 15, 2015 1:28 am

"What about announcers?" Andrea grumbled into the microphone. "It's cold up here." She wrapped her Cerisier scarf tighter around her neck and then loosened it again. Then she adjusted her hat and clapped her gloved hands together. "Well I guess we'll all have to endure the cold together," she cried out. "Welcome to another Quidditch match in which we have to remember the new combined team names." Thankfully after watching the last match she had the names firmly established in her head.

"Hear that Casavant? We need a win from you or the last match is going to be boring because we know who wins." She wished that hadn't happened. The four teams becoming two that is. She had nothing red and white to show which team she was biased towards. "I think the snow is picking up so Cerisier and ..." She tapped her fingers on the table as she consulted her notes to remind her which house was combined with her own. "...Nuage spectators watch for the red team. You're not going to see much white other than snow."

Casavant: 0
Oulett: 0

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