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The Brave Little Girl

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The Brave Little Girl

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 10, 2013 6:39 pm

Cassandra wasn't sure how she ended up in the Dungeons, she had been looking around for a good place to read her book. It was dark and kinda scary, she just wanted to leave and go back. But something inside her wanted her to keep going and besides, it was a good part in her book. The part where the girl was about to fall in love with the boy and live happily ever after. Something she had always wanted and always dreamed about. She hurried her speed at every sound until she was practically running. She decided that she was just overreacting and began to walk normally again. She breathed in and out, trying to calm herself. She took her wand out of her pocket, just in case. Get a grip, she thought, nothing is going to happen to you, its a school.

She was suddenly feeling adventurous, like she wanted to be there all of a sudden. Which was a weird feeling for her, feeling...brave. Her feelings of fear were washed away and were replaced by a better feeling. But she wished for a companion, someone to be there with her so she wouldn't feel so alone. Even if she was feeling a bit brave, she was still lonely. She put her wand away and then looked down at her book. The boy and girl would have to wait to fall in love, she was about to explore to dungeons. She put her book in her bag and headed deeper into the dungeons.


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