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Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat...

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Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat...

Post by Andrea Ritter on Sun Oct 11, 2015 12:03 am

It was difficult to be surrounded by pets knowing you'll never be a pet owner yourself. That had to be the one thing Andrea hated about this school.  Everything else was great.  So much better than that stupid International School Aunt Lisa forced her to go to back in Zurich.  So many languages they had to learn and speak. Here it was all magic.  Even the music class had magical elements to it.  That was seriously weird stuff for a girl with no ear for music.  

After the second year melodic studies session for this day Andrea was confronted again with the one thing she hated about Beauxbatons.  It was a cat, a cat which didn't belong to her.  The other second years didn't appear to know who it was as they made their way down to the dinning hall. Andrea on the other hand dropped her music folder and dropped to the ground. "Here, kitty, kitty kitty," she called softly and held out a hand to the feline.  Her heart pounding in her chest as the illogical fear that Aunt Lisa would tell her off took root.  Her aunt hated cats and toads and anything else on that list which Andrea would have otherwise been allowed to bring with her to Beauxbatons. "Come on kitty I won't hurt you," she said gently.

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