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Mousse on the Loose

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Mousse on the Loose Empty Mousse on the Loose

Post by Linette Puchard on Tue Oct 06, 2015 4:54 am

"Elbows off the table Mignon," Linette reminded her daughter.

"Minnie," was the only verbal reply but the six year old also complied with the order.  

"Sorry. Minnie elbows off the table."  Linette had no idea where she got her latest name wish from but it was preferable to her wish to be called by her middle name. That one was far too long.  This was at least connected with the name Linette wished she'd answer to.

"They're already off the table Maman," her daughter reminded her.

Linette grinned. "Fine. Fine. Then keep it that way?"

Minnie nodded and stuck her spoon into her chocolate mousse making a mess on the table with it when some fell off the spoon.  The next spoonful fell on the floor but before Linette had a chance to get her wand out of her bag to clean it up she saw someone about to walk in that very spot. "Careful," she cried. "Mousse on the floor."


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