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the clothes make the person

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the clothes make the person

Post by Guest on Fri Oct 02, 2015 8:07 pm

Soren wouldn't have minded going to a new school if it meant his new school was less crazy about rules than his old one. However, such didn't seem to be the case. For one thing, he was still required to wear a stupid uniform, just like everyone else. Not to mention, the uniform was ugly and totally uncool. Soren stood on the podium, arms extended at his sides, as he was being measured, mulling over different ideas of how to make the uniform a little bit less ugly.

"Nope. I think it's hopeless," Soren announced, looking at his reflection in the mirror as the tailor continued to work. "There is just no saving these pitiful uniforms. They are simply too gross," Soren stated, shaking his head. He didn't see why he couldn't wear normal clothes like a hoodie and a pair of jeans instead of the powdered blue, essentially a suit, uniform. "Even Durmstrang's uniform was better than this." He muttered.


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Re: the clothes make the person

Post by Andrea Ritter on Mon Oct 12, 2015 4:35 pm

Andrea didn't understand why she needed a new school uniform. She hadn't grown that much. Sure there was a little tear in the skirt of her other uniform and an inkstain somewhere on another. The problem with Aunt Lisa was her belief in neatness of appearance every time, the very reason why Andrea clashed with her aunt so much. She didn't care anywhere near as much about her appearance. She vaguely recalled her parents caring a little too much as well but Andrea would push memories like that far back into the dark recesses of her mind. She didn't like to think ill of the dead. Especially the dead she missed so much.

"You don't think I've grown do you?" she asked the tailor who was measuring her up. She gave no answer, instead muttering numbers to a quill which scribbled on parchment the numbers she gave. Andrea was then told to stay where she was whilst the tailor went off to collect a uniform for fitting. She sighed and relaxed. She glanced sideways at the much older boy being fitted for his uniform. "They get dirty very easily," she interjected. "Black's better don't you think? Ink stains don't show up on black." She'd heard Hogwarts uniforms were black but since it was in the UK where so many English students attended she had no desire to transfer. France was closer to Switzerland and thus preferable over a dank little island.

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