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Action & Reading

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Action & Reading

Post by Apollo Kronidis on Wed Sep 30, 2015 1:48 pm

Apollo surely had a contradictory personality. He used to love completely different things. He utterly loved adventure and nature and everything about exploring places. He liked feeling the thrill and adrenaline of action and being able to discover everything, by himself. Apollo loved traveling too. Learning about foreign cultures and meeting new friends, was surely something he couldn't resist. However, although he was a person of action, he also liked reading. Not maths, or anything like that. He actually hated maths. He didn't mind reading about scientific advancements, but all these crazy formulas, were the cause of some serious headaches.

Apollo's favorite kind of books were the ones talking about history and culture. First of all, history was one of his passions. Learning about what happened all those years ago and how it formed our present. Plus, he could learn how different nations evolved. Which brought him to the second genre, the cultural one. Reading about foreign cultures and learning every bit of their uniqueness. It was magical. Reading about history and culture gave him the same magical feeling, as when he was levitating a desk with his wand.

A whole school year passed and gave its place to a new one. An exciting new year, full of optimism and enthusiasm. Apollo was a Seventh year, now. It was his last year at the Beauxbatons Academy, but he surely wanted more. He could attend this wonderful school for only 2 years. What a pity. But being a typical optimist, allowed him to see the glass half full. He lived in the present. And the present was about him being a Seventh year. And a Perfect.

Yes, a Perfect. The school decided that Apollo would be a marvelous Perfect. Apollo wasn't really sure how they came to this particular conclusion. He went to detention, during his first year there. Plus, he was kind of a prankster and a jokester. Although, all these were accurate, he also loved helping people. And probably that was the reason why the school decided to make him a Perfect.

Being a Perfect, meant responsibility and Apollo hated responsibilities. No, he wasn't lazy. He was afraid, that he won't be able to fulfill the expectations of the people around him. He didn't want to let them down. At least, this time he would just help people. He absolutely loved doing that. It would come naturally to him. Or so he hoped. However, being a Perfect wasn't just responsibilities. It meant benefits, as well. One of the lesser known ones, was the restricted section of the school's library. Only Perfects, could go there. The restricted section, combined two of Apollo's favorite things; exploration and reading. He would be able to explore an, unknown to him, part of the castle and read some of the rarest manuscripts, in the whole magic world. He was pretty much, killing two birds with one stone.

Apollo went inside the restricted section, with an excited smile on his face. He was rarely seen without a smile, but when he was excited, his smile was able to lit his entire face. Not through magic, of course. Just the pure and raw emotions coming out of that mere expression, gave the impression that his face was brighter. He thoroughly checked every single corner, of the restricted section. He was occasionally, also making sounds of amazement. He was in heaven. One of his favorite parts of the castle, for sure.

Apollo stayed inside the restricted section, for 3 hours straight. He was whistling his way out of the section, when all of a sudden, he heard footsteps. Who could it be? Either he knew that person or not, Apollo had to be friendly.

"Hey there, buddy! You're here to read some books, just like me?" He said, in a welcoming way.

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