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Term 20 History of Magic Exam

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Term 20 History of Magic Exam Empty Term 20 History of Magic Exam

Post by Professor Fortier on Thu Sep 17, 2015 10:47 pm

Professor Fortier looked out into his crowded classroom. He watched as all of the students as they dipped their quills into their inkpots. He was looking for cheaters already.

"Welcome to your History of Magic Exam Session," Professor Fortier said. "I trust that all of you have studied and are well-prepared for this, and all of your exams. The other professors and I have strict no-cheating policy. If I catch you cheating on this exam, you will receive a failing grade, and most likely fail my class."

"Give this exam your best effort. If you aren't sure of an answer, make an guess anyway. Good luck."

Ooc: This is a chance to win some house points. In this thread, you will roleplay how your character takes an exam. Do they cheat, or are they honest (maybe include who they cheated off of)? Did your student study? Are they guessing on every question? After you are finished with your post, a Minister will edit in your grade (Oustanding, Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory) and whether or not they got caught cheating. The grades influence how many points your house gets. No points will be awarded for an Unsatisfactory. A Satisfactory will receive five points, and an Outstanding will receive ten points.

The posts must be at least 100 words long (like all posts on this site) and they must clearly say if your student cheated and whether or not they studied. Just because they cheat, doesn't mean they'll get caught. And your student could fail if they studied, or pass if they didn't study. Have fun!

Term 20 History of Magic Exam ProfessorFortiercoloured
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Professor Fortier
Professor Fortier

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Term 20 History of Magic Exam Empty Re: Term 20 History of Magic Exam

Post by Andrea Ritter on Fri Sep 18, 2015 3:14 am

Name: Andrea Ritter
Year: First
Didn't Study
Didn't cheat

Andrea's leg jiggled under the desk as she looked at the other students all waiting for the signal to begin.  How many of them studied?  How many actually cared?  She did but it was so much easier to do things which weren't anything to do with study.  The subject was interesting and told her things about this world she had no clue about but it was hard to stay focused when there were so many other things calling to her.  So many things which had nothing to do with classes.

She grimaced at the positive words of the professor.  Well-prepared did not describe her at all.  Nothing like reading up on wizard chess so she could tell her cousin how it differed from the usual chess.  The answer was 'the pieces were more violent'.  That unfortunately was not going to help her to pass this exam.  She was going to have to make herself study since she didn't have either Dominick or Aunt Lisa doing it for her.  Always they were on her case about studying and homework.  No-one here cared enough to push her to do anything. Well the professors to the extent that they only did so in class.  That wasn't the same thing.

With her head off into whatever she would be doing if at home she failed to hear the rest of the professor's instructions and it wasn't until she heard the scratching of quills that she realised she had an exam to write.  Quickly she put her head down and read through the questions.  Some she knew the answers to, others she had to guess.  She began writing the best she could, leaving ink blots all over the parchment.  By the end of the exam she only had two questions left which had to go unanswered.

Andrea Ritter
Andrea Ritter

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Term 20 History of Magic Exam Empty Re: Term 20 History of Magic Exam

Post by Apollo Kronidis on Fri Sep 18, 2015 6:35 am

Name: Apollo Kronidis
Year: Sixth
Didn't Cheat
Apollo was excited, to say the least. He just loved the "History of Magic" class. It was one of his favorite subjects. He looked around the room. Most students seemed anxious. For once, Apollo wouldn't have to worry about his grades. He studied during the whole weekend. Actually, he didn't even consider it as "studying". History was more or less a hobby for him. Learning about events of the past and how they formed the world we currently live in...He couldn't understand how some students thought that this subject was boring! The teacher entered inside the class and began talking. Apollo (probably for the first time in his life) listened carefully, as his professor was talking.

He smiled at the positive words, his professor said. He was prepared for this exam. It was his first exam for the "History of Magic" class, but he was prepared. As the teacher was talking, he was trying to think of what he studied last weekend. The professor handed them, their exam sheets. He checked out the questions. They seemed easy. Suddenly, all students began writing. Oh...he already signaled them to write? Apollo, tried to focus on the questions. He answered to all of them.

"And...Done!" He said, louder than he should. Some of the students stared at him. He laughed awkwardly and gave the exam at his professor. Apollo left the class, with his hands behind his head, smiling.


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Term 20 History of Magic Exam Empty Re: Term 20 History of Magic Exam

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