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This New Adventure

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This New Adventure

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:44 pm

"I know that we already went to a wizarding school, but this feels like a bigger deal," Carlie said in English. "Maybe we won't have to be the freedom fighters here."

Carlie was secretly very happy that Max was coming to Beauxbatons with her. She was nervous that he would make other friends in Texas while she was gone. And maybe she was nervous that he wouldn't write her. But she knew she was nervous that he'd find a girlfriend and he'd forget about her. Or worse. It'd be some girl she couldn't stand as his friend or girlfriend. And there were plenty of those.

"Isn't it cool that our parents let us roam this place alone? I've only seen like, three parents all day," she added. Carlie's parents trusted Max and no other boys for some reason and she couldn't figure out why.


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