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Dorm #1:

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Dorm #1:

Post by Apollo Kronidis on Thu Aug 27, 2015 10:19 am

After the sorting ceremony, Apollo went immediately back to his house to tell his father about the good news. His father showed immediately a broad smile, something really rare for him. But his father wasn't the only one who was happy...

Apollo was really delighted after learning what he was...Nuage...he really wondered what that meant...his old school didn't really teach him a lot. Apollo's father, however, a bit later stopped smiling and became his usual serious self. He said to Apollo that now he wanted to announce some pretty important news.

He did announce them...and Apollo couldn't believe it...his father told him that Apollo will live now in a dorm of the academy to learn how to become more independent.

Apollo couldn't hide his broad smile. Finally! He will live alone! At last! And he'll have a roomate! His excitement was overwhelming. He started screaming and running around the room while clapping his hands. His farther bursted into a small giggle. Apollo jumped on his father and hugged him...he could finally feel how it is to live with your own rules...

[Small timeskip]

Apollo was finally in his dorm. He looked around the room really excited and left his stuff in the corner. He kinda tried to imagine how his dorm was gonna look like after the “important" changes he wanted to make.

Apollo jumped on his bed and sighed happily...he was waiting for his roomate to arrive...Apollo just hoped that his roomate was nice enough for them to becomes good friends...
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