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Creating your Character

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Creating your Character

Post by Minister Asgard on Sun Jan 13, 2013 5:06 pm

1. Members are allowed to make only 2 characters per term and are allowed as many characters as they feel they can handle. 

2. When registering your user name, it is to be your characters first and last name such as Amanda Jones, NOT things like iloveharry74, parselmouth101. Those accounts will be deleted.

3. Each character will have a 'face' of a celebrity, no one face is allowed to be used twice. You can find the list of non-available faces in the Character Face Masterlist. Choose your face wisely for that is your face until your character graduates. Keep in mind that some celebrities have expressed that they are not comfortable with their faces being used for role play. Please do not use those faces. Also, do not use the faces of those who are deceased. Be respectful to their memory.

4. Student characters can start out as young as eleven year olds (maybe ten or twelve depending on birthday) about to start their first year at Beauxbatons and be as old as sixteen entering their sixth year at Beauxbatons. No characters are allowed to start as seventh years without special permission from Minister Viridian.

5. Characters are to have no strange characteristics such as color changing eyes, or hair that changes length on command. These ab

6. Characters are either boys or girls. Intersex characters are allowed, but what gender they prefer as should be stated at some point, as most characters have roommates. Transgender and nonbinary characters are allowed, too, but will likely not have a roommate unless another transgender or nonbinary character is in their year.

7. Any avatars, profile pictures, and signatures are to have rated 12+ images, nothing inappropriate such as nudity or drug use.

8. If you want to create an adult character, please fill out the following application and send it to Minister Viridian.

Character Name:
Character Face:
Character Face Masterlist:
Starting Age:
Character Personality:
Character Personal History (at least 100 words):
Character Family History:

From this point, we will either approve or deny your application. If it is denied, we will give you some tips on how to change it for acceptance. Then, you can resend it and we will again decide to approve or deny it.
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