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Term 19 Round II Cerisier vs Nuage

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Term 19 Round II Cerisier vs Nuage Empty Term 19 Round II Cerisier vs Nuage

Post by Professor Bowen on Sun May 03, 2015 1:15 pm

Professor Bowen had been counting on clear skies for the second Quidditch match of the term. She got her wish granted, though mere days before the scheduled match they experienced a snow storm. The pitch looked like a winter wonderland with all the beauty of being covered in snow drifts but all the unpleasantness of slippery slopes and icicles dangling over the goals. Though not ideal, Bowen found it be to nothing worth cancelling the match over and decided to go on with the game anyways.

She remained perched on her broom as both teams filed out of the locker rooms and the crowd went wild. The wind picked up, blotting out most noise and causing a white out for a brief moment before settling down again. "Not to worry," Professor Bowen uttered, mostly to herself. She had confidence in each team player to be able to play despite the come and go whiteouts.

"Captains shake hands and good luck," She said, releasing the quaffle and beginning the match.

The announcer is Sophie Owens

Term 19 Round II Cerisier vs Nuage 2rfd0rm_zps8ef5b3b4
Credit to locomotive.@TDA
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