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Not a Coward, Just a Thought

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Not a Coward, Just a Thought

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:30 am

Carly seemed to be getting the hang of the whole "speaking French all the time" thing. And her comprehension was getting better, too. She knew she would get it, but she was pleased that it was so soon.

She sat down at a table and started to think. she didn't know what would happen to her this coming school year. She didn't know if she'd make friends or if she'd have enemies. But she was brave enough to risk it. Or at least not cowardly enough to not take a chance.

But she wondered what her family was doing at the current moment. Did her brothers miss her? Or would they not even notice that she was gone?

She would send her family a letter as soon as she could.


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