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Anything Goes

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Anything Goes Empty Anything Goes

Post by Isobel Green on Mon Apr 20, 2015 6:04 pm

As a general rule, History of Magic was the most boring class. The lectures seemed to go on forever and Professor Fortier's voice tended to lull Isobel to sleep. And for whatever reason, she got away with it. Maybe it was because her teachers were beginning to like her. Or maybe they just stopped caring about the fourteen-year-old's behavior because she had become less disruptive and was getting better grades. But in truth, she was just more careful about her actions.

Now that she and Cameron were in the same year, they had classes together. And luckily for her, they shared this one, along with a few others (but she actually had to focus in those classes). So History of Magic became the playground of staring contests, making silly faces, random flirting, and generally stifling laughs together. Today was no exception.

Except they were working on a reading assignment together. And with Kayla, who was an unfortunate part of Isobel's overall "learning" process. She was annoyed that Kayla had asked to join the group, but she wasn't going to say no in front of her boyfriend.

Isobel opened her textbook to the first assigned page. "I say we just sit here because this class is boring and pointless," she said to Kayla and Cameron. "Is that okay with you guys?"


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Anything Goes Empty Re: Anything Goes

Post by Kayla Miller on Mon Apr 27, 2015 10:25 pm

Kayla didn't know what had gotten in her to go up with a bright smile and ask to join Isobel and Cam's group. She ought to have let them have their happy couple time. She supposed she wanted to take a little break from her cozy bubble of friends. It wasn't as if she would be missing much.

"You do that," Kayla replied. As much as she disapproved of slacking, she couldn't blame her for not wanting to do the assignment. The class was boring and pointless. "We only have twenty minutes left anyway." She started jotting down notes. She would have to do the assignment anyway. No use in procrastinating.

Merely reading the section was putting her to sleep. There was nothing interesting. "This is the most dull section ever," Kayla lamented aloud. To fill the silence she blurted "How's your day been, Isobel?"
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