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Growing Up is Hard

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Growing Up is Hard

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 14, 2015 3:59 pm

There was no excuse for Caleb's absence, he wasn't busy and he wasn't avoiding anyone. He just wasn't there and he felt bad for not being there for his siblings and his girlfriend. He had no excuses nor would he give any, it was all his fault. And he wouldn't blame anyone for disliking him for not being around. He had let his work get the better of him and he took his sweets very seriously. Maybe too seriously. Maybe it was time to grow up and not obsess of sweets. Yet he found himself in the bakery.

He picked at the cookie he had ordered and sipped at the fruit smoothie he didn't like very much. He let out a small side before pushing his treats away from him.


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Re: Growing Up is Hard

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 17, 2015 2:31 pm

Christine did not know where her lunch had disappeared. It was a great mystery which no other employee at Veela Magazine knew either. She did have a few suspects lined up in her mind but it would be utterly rude to pointedly question any of those fellow employees. Christine could never do anything so impolite as to accuse anyone, even if it were obvious they were guilty.

Thus she decided it would be best if she went elsewhere for lunch rather than question people. Usually it would be a reputable restaurant but her finances would not stretch so far today. Not so soon after making a few expensive purchases. Necessary purchases in her opinion.

The nearby bakery, so she had heard, made decent sandwiches at a reasonable price. It sounded like the perfect alternative. Near perfect when you didn't have the funds for another two days for something better.

Her entry into Cumberbatch Bakery was timed with a gentleman pushing away his barely eaten snack. For you could not call what was on his table lunch. She was hungry but instead moved over to where he sat and asked in a low voice, "are you not hungry?" Perhaps it was not her business but Christine's curiosity got the better of her. Lunch could be held off for a little longer until this craving had been satisfied.


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