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Cutting In Line Is Not the Done Thing

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Cutting In Line Is Not the Done Thing

Post by Linette Puchard on Mon Apr 13, 2015 2:51 pm

Coming into the bank with a daughter in tow was not Linette's preferred option. Mignon had a way of making it take longer than it should to get money out. "Behave yourself," she ordered the four year old before they even entered the building. Having not been called by her apparently hated name Mignon deigned to reply with a nod. However, Linette still didn't trust her child and grabbed Mignon's hand as they came through the doors.

"Wonderful," Linette muttered the moment she saw how long the line was. Keeping one four year old in line was going to be difficult. She wasn't going to be able to keep still for long. Sure enough not even two minutes in and Mignon was already beginning to whine. Maman I'm bored. Why are they taking so long? Maman. I need to go. Linette gave Mignon a sharp knowing look and the four year old returned it with a guilty smile for the lie before turning to the person in front of her and poking them where she could reach. Can we go before you? Maman might collapse if she doesn't go soon.

Linette was shocked that her daughter would be so rude. "Mignon Angelique behave yourself. I'm sorry about that. My daughter's a little too impatient and a little to rude." She refrained from making Mignon apologise since it was pointless if she wasn't sorry. It was obvious she wasn't due to the tongue now poking out her mouth. "Young lady you'll be spending time staring at a blank wall when we get home for that attitude. Put that back." The tongue returned to the inside of the little girl's mouth very quickly but she still looked sullen.


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