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Neveikls girl

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Neveikls girl

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 13, 2015 11:24 am

Dru sat in the same spot she sat just a year ago thinking of how different she felt. Now with a year at Beauxbatons under her belt her confidence has sky rocketed. Dru looked around at all the new students with sympathy remembering how she felt last year. She turned around to the counter to start drawing in her new notebook that pa had gotten her before she left. Dru had been doodling a female face surrounded by shadows for awhile when she looked up at the sound of Autumn's voice. Autumn had been her saving grace this past year, Dru was very greatful to be able call her a friend.

Before turning back to her drawing Dru studied the boy Autumn was talking to. He was obviously new but he seemed more confident and open than the rest of them. Dru turned to a new page in her book and began drawing the boy, adding more detail than the other drawing. When she had finished Dru began to put her things away. As she stood Dru bumped into someone and her things scattered all over the taverns floor. "Oh no!" Dru exclaimed. She immediately dropped to her knees to collect her things.


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Re: Neveikls girl

Post by Kayla Miller on Mon Apr 13, 2015 5:22 pm

Kayla waited in line for her crepes. Alone. It was a weird feeling, but she would have plenty of time with friends later. The pub was filled to the brim with life, and Kayla was content to momentarily stand and soak it all in. She saw Autumn at a distance and smiled, but knew not to disturb her for she was talking to a younger boy.

Kayla took her crepes from the counter and handed four sickles in exchange. "Thank you." She smiled and turned around carefully holding her crepes. She had to struggle to make her way through the crowd. In the midst of it all, she bumped into a younger girl.

"I'm sorry," she apologized, immediately bending over to help regather the items. As she picked up a fallen page, the drawing caught her eye. "This is really good," she marveled as she handed it over to the girl. "Did you draw it?"
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