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New Students: Order of Posts

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New Students: Order of Posts

Post by Minister Viridian on Sat Apr 04, 2015 8:19 pm

I know that sometimes the site can appear to be a bit scary. You see "2+ required posts" and are confused.

I'm here to clear things up with the order of posts.

1) The first post is your character application. You can find it in the Character forum. In that forum, you will see "Sign Up -POST HERE FIRST-" Read the rules, then post.

When we say, "Wait for a Minister's response, that means one of the Admins will edit your post and add "Application Accepted" to the bottom of it. Once that appears on your post, you are free to move on to your second post.

2) Your second post isn't far away. It is in the Character forum as well. "Getting Your Letter" is where you will post next. After you post, a Minister will edit it and add "Post Accepted" to the bottom of that. Once that has been added, you are free to move on to the next post.

3) Post Three, and Four can be in either of the shopping alleys and La Petit Dragon.

4) Post Five should be made in the Sorting Ceremony (for new students only), which can be found in the Palace, in the Grand Hall.

5) Any posts after this can be made in the Palace, the Grounds, Winter Vacation, the Carriages, The Alleys and La Petit Dragon.

6) As your character ages, more forums will appear for them to post in.

If you have questions, be sure to message Minister Viridian, or post a question in the "Ask the Staff" section of the Helpful Information forum.

Happy Posting!
Minister Viridian

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