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Walking in Peace

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Walking in Peace

Post by Jude Beaumont on Sun Jun 02, 2013 7:55 pm

The day was growing late and as the sun began to descend and slip away into the night, the colors of Muet Hill cemetery grew shaded and distorted, from which the image of a young boy appeared from. The boy, paled by death and transparent in form, came out from his hiding spot in the mausoleum, where he remained during the day when people came to visit their departed loved ones. Though he kept his distance, he felt sympathy for visitors and found it to be his least favourite part when they broke down and cried. He wished he could hold their hands, but he always went through them. Thus the tragedy of his existence. He was really only there in spirit. Quite literally.

The boy paced through the garden of graves in a melancholic walk, humming to himself the song his mother used to sing to him when he was still alive. It spoke of the birds and the summer air so warm that it wrapped one like a thick blanket. He smiled to himself. Life was so beautiful.

Distracted with his peaceful walk and dwellings on life, the boy had neglected to notice the presence of another. What he had mistaken for the tomb shaped like an angel turned out to be an actual person and at the sight of them, he ducked behind a grave in fear of speaking to someone in the flesh.


credit to the Monster Girl of Monsters
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