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How Do You Tell Someone You Like Them?

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How Do You Tell Someone You Like Them?

Post by Lucie Banken on Thu Mar 26, 2015 6:50 am

Lucie took a lot of care to make sure she was well presented for her first Valentine Dance. Over the Christmas break her mother had even helped her to find a dress for the dance. She was really beginning to enjoy the time she had to spend with her mum. There were precious few opportunities to do so with her at school and her mother often working when she was home on holidays. The one thing Lucie forgot to ask her was advice on boys. And now she was here at the dance she found herself always staring at one seventh year wizard in particular and unable to get up the nerve to ask him to dance. In the end she gave up and took up offers of dancing from a few of her fellow sixth years.

Despite the dancing and the talking with plenty of other wizards and a few witches she would keep on looking at the seventh year she really liked. She didn't even know his name but still her eyes would be drawn to him. Lucie felt one of the people she was supposed to be having a conversation with shake her sleeve and tell her to go talk to him instead of staring. Lucie flushed and shook her head at such an obvious suggestion. "I'll be okay. I ... um... I've got to go to the bathroom. Hold this for me please?" With that she walked out the great hall and leaned back against the wall. "You bloody chicken Lucie Banken," she groaned to herself.

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