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Don't Grow Up Too Fast

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Don't Grow Up Too Fast

Post by Linette Puchard on Tue Mar 24, 2015 2:00 am

Linette never imagined she would go back to second-hand anything (books not included) like she had growing up. But here she was in a second-hand robe shop looking for clothes for her growing three year old. Mignon was growing far too quickly for her liking and she was finding it harder and harder to keep her in clothes which fitted. With the mortgage on her house and other expenses Linette couldn't afford to continue buying new robes for Mignon.

"Stop touching everything missy," Linette lightly chided her daughter. "You don't want us kicked out do you?" Mignon was giving her that superior daughter look and Linette shook her head. "Stop that missy. Now come along. Those are formal robes for adults. Not clothes for little girls."

Dress ups, retorted her daughter. Linette shook her head. "It's that kid down the road who put you up to this isn't it? You miss are not getting dress-ups from here. I'll give you my old things. Now where is the toddler section?" She gave up on finding anything herself and tapped the nearest person on the shoulder. "Excuse me. Have you seen the section which provides for children. Preferably ones this size." She pulled her three year old forward. "She keeps growing too fast. At this rate she'll be the height of a five year old by the end of the year." Or even six which Linette didn't like. The kid was going to overtake her in height before she even started Beauxbatons at this rate.


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