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Sorry I Was Gone

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Sorry I Was Gone

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 02, 2015 11:06 am

Last year had been a blur, it seemed like Cameron was always sick or harmed by some stupid situation that he found himself in. He was healthy as a horse when the year started but as the days went on, he got worse and worse. He wasn't sure what was wrong with him at the time but he was sent home to spend the rest of the school year at home. That meant he'd be repeating year three and he was kind of upset about it. It wasn't his fault that he had some time of flu that messed with his performance in school. He needed to catch up with the others so he spent a lot of his time studying.

When he arrived back to school, he assumed he knew everything that his fellow classmates had learned. He had tried to complain to the headmistress but his request to be put into his proper year were dismissed. So, he was stuck in his third year once again. This meant he'd be in the same year as his sister once again and that he'd be in the same year as Isobel. Speaking of her, he could see her amongst the crowd of students who were ready for breakfast. "Isobel!" He waved his hand in the air to get her attention, this would be the first time that had seen each other this year.


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Re: Sorry I Was Gone

Post by Isobel Green on Mon Mar 02, 2015 5:39 pm

Isobel had felt like this year had been the worst so far. Kayla had pretty much ruined her life. Now the secret was out and she didn't feel like defending herself anymore. So she didn't. Instead, she hid in her room, coming out to go to class, eat, practice quidditch, and occasionally hang out with Sophie (at least to assure her that she was okay).

She had planned to get something small to take back up to her room for breakfast. She grabbed an apple and hid it in her robe but stopped when she heard her name. Crud, she thought. She was sure that she had been caught. But she looked up and saw Cameron waving to her.

Isobel wasn't quite sure what to do. She wasn't sure if she wanted to give him any information about herself that he could tell his sister. She doubted that Cameron had told his sister her secret because that wasn't part of his personality. But Isobel couldn't help but be a tad bitter towards him. There was still uncertainty.

That probably shouldn't have been her first thought. She felt bad for that. She wasn't being a very good girlfriend. She shouldn't be talking to boys she'd previously had a crush on. That was wrong.

But for whatever reason, she felt herself walk toward her friend. She smiled as authentically as she could manage, but it still felt foreign. She would duck out as soon as she was able. It would probably be easy. Cameron never had too much to say. "Hi," she greeted, absently twirling her hair between her fingers. "How are you feeling?"


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