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Just Stay Here

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Just Stay Here

Post by Isobel Green on Fri Jan 16, 2015 12:05 am

"I feel like this place loses appeal the more times I come back," Isobel said, talking about the palace in general. It was a little dramatic, since she'd only been there for one school year, but she didn't care. It seemed like an appropriate thing to say to her brother who'd graduated two years ago.

Isobel was glad Ryan was at the castle. She knew his visit wasn't going to be very long, but she'd take as much time as she could get. She didn't know when she'd see him again. Which hurt her a bit. She knew that even if he lived with her, she wouldn't see him, since she was now at school. But he had gone through that, too.

"I think we were supposed to be here together," she stated. "It would've sucked to play against each other in Quidditch, though. We'd have to take turns winning without anyone knowing that we planned it."

Isobel knew she was rambling. She had a feeling that Ryan wasn't really listening, but having him in the room was enough. She didn't feel like she ever said anything important around her brother.

She looked up at him from her spot on the couch. "So what all did you do at this place? It's hard to imagine you being in the castle as a little kid. And that drippy Harley girl. What did you do when you were just friends?"
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