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It's Been Awhile

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It's Been Awhile

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 11, 2015 11:16 pm

Ever since Christian vowed to do better in his life, he was feeling positive about the way things were going. He was cutting back on his drinking and smoking but still was unable to break the bad habits. But he was doing much better and he only craved a cigarette every so often. It was hard but this was a battle that he was going to win, he was willing to fight. It had been years since the man had contacted any of his friends and he wished to get back in touch with them. He wanted good relationships in his life and was ready to make a few apologies to get people back on his side.

He wasn't sure who to contact first and decided that a nice meal would help him think of who to send a letter to first. Or visit first. Should he do these apologies in person? Was that the right thing to do? He took a seat beside a window and sipped on the coffee a waitress had brought him. Maybe the first thing he should do was get a job, he needed one of those. He was running out of money and things were looking a bit blue for the man. Maybe it was a bad idea to spend his last remaining money at the diner but then again, he needed something to eat.

The bell on the door jingled and Chis looked up to see the woman that he had been thinking about contacting. Linette. Maybe this was a sign, this would be the day he'd apologize for being such an asshole. "Linette," he said calmly to get her attention. He wasn't sure if she had heard him or not but he didn't want to call he name again in case she was angry with him.


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Re: It's Been Awhile

Post by Linette Puchard on Sun Jan 11, 2015 11:41 pm

Mignon was at that difficult stage where she wanted to do everything for herself. Linette even had to forget about using the pram and often ended up carrying the two year old because she'd get tired legs so quickly. And Mignon was no light weight. Today was no different. Mignon was walking with her small hand held tightly in her mother's down the street after shopping for new clothes. "Are you sure you don't want to sit in the pram?" she asked. "It's just a case of ..."

"No. Me walk," the child insisted.

Linette sighed and shook her head. Well she still had it in it's shrunk state for when Mignon fell asleep in her food. What the child didn't know wouldn't hurt her. They neared the door of the dinner and Linette stopped. "Right now you are going to be picked up. No complaints. Got it?"

Thankfully Mignon nodded and Linette reached down to pull her daughter up into her arms. "Ugh. You young lady are getting heavy," she teased before pushing the door open with her back. She'd barely turned again before she stopped still and froze. Even worse was the person she was staring at spoke her name.

"Down maman." Mignon kicked her little feet and Linette complied. Now what? Did she go over to his table or be rude and pretend she didn't see. That would be difficult considering she was still staring.

"Mignon. Stay with maman and behave yourself. Got it?"

"Meeon a'way good," the two year old said and nodded her head.

"Hmm," Linette responded as she held onto her daughter's hand again before slowly making her way over to Christian's table. This was not how she envisioned seeing him again. "Hello Christian," she said calmly. "You look good." Certainly better than the last time she saw him. Mignon meanwhile had taken it upon herself to climb up on the chair opposite Christian. Only the top of her head showed as she sat with her short legs out in front of her.


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