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Split Decisions

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Split Decisions

Post by Guest on Sun Dec 28, 2014 12:40 am

That old familiar restlessness was coming over Fiona yet again. She knew all the signs but this time decided to ignore them. She had a wedding to plan and no time to go looking for another job. Instead she did something completely different whilst keeping her job. She wrote a made up article on the appearance of a Crumple-horned Snork spotted in the Pyrinees despite the fact they were only supposed to reside in Sweden and sent it into the Quibbler over in Britain. It was a complete surprise to Fiona that not only did they include the article in their next edition, they also offered her a job as their Continental European correspondent.

She leaned on the broom she'd been using to sweet the floor of the bakery and daydreamed about accepting such a job. What was keeping her here if she could make up stories about creatures which didn't really exist? Fiona wasn't at all sure. Probably the added request that she make her base in the UK rather than continue to live in France. To do such a thing would require her to either break up with Rene or ask him to move over to the UK with her. There was a wizarding radio station over there he could work for but that depended on there being a vacancy. And what if he was unwilling to let her pursue a different career? It was true her employment history was very spotted but Fiona thought that perhaps she could make something of a journalist for a paper like the Quibbler.

Miller. Floor. Fiona blinked and straightened as her boss called her out for daydreaming. She tapped the broom and set it sweeping as she should have done before. "Careful," she called out as someone else entered the door. "Broom coming your way." Fiona waved her wand to stop the broom again and it fell to the floor with a clatter. "Oops. Sorry," she said as she rushed in to pick it up. "Some days it just won't go where you tell it. Now how may I help you? Bread? Sweet treats? Poisoned currant buns for that special someone?"


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