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Class: Werewolf Code

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Class: Werewolf Code Empty Class: Werewolf Code

Post by Professor Fortier on Thu Dec 04, 2014 2:44 pm

Today's lesson was one of the Professor's favorite topics, mostly due to one of his family members having been involved with this particular part of history. Obviously he was never able to talk with his many great's grandfather about this having been so long ago, but still he felt a connection with this topic. Unfortunately he found that many students couldn't care less about this topic, not that that was any different from the other topics. However once in awhile he would find a student who was very interested in werewolves and found this topic much more interesting. The Werewolf Code of Conduct was a pretty interesting topic if you cared at all about law or werewolves, or found humor in Britains failed attempts at laws.

Once all of the students were seated in the room, some already looking bored out of their minds and he hadn't said a word yet. "Good evening everyone." He said after clearing his throat. "Today's topic is on the Werewolf Code of Conduct of 1637." He said with a small smile. "In 1637 the British Ministry of Magic created a set of rules for werewolves. One of these rules said they were responsible for locking themselves up every month to prevent possible attacks." Professor Fortier started to explain while writing across the black board the year and one bullet point summary of the important details. He went on to explain the rules of this code a bit more. "In the end though this attempt was a failure as they found no werewolf was willing to just waltz into the Ministry of Magic in Britain and tell everyone that they were in fact a werewolf. So in the end there was no one there to sign this Code of Conduct." He explained with a small chuckled.

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