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A Broom of My Own

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A Broom of My Own

Post by Lucie Banken on Sun Nov 23, 2014 1:16 am

For the first three years of her time on the Feu Quidditch team Lucie has used school brooms. She'd never complained or said anything about the need for a proper broom. In fact she didn't want a new broom. To have a broom would be another item at risk of being ruined by her nosy brothers. Who would want that on their hands? So why was she here in this shop? She didn't have any money to spend on a broom. All she had was to buy supplies for school and nothing more. And her mother certainly wasn't going to outlay the expense after finding out Lucie had been experimenting with make-up behind her back.

Still here she was looking at brooms and their prices. Prices well out of her league. A top of the range bicycle could be bought for that money. Something her mother was much more likely to fork out money for but Lucie didn't want. She reached out and brushed the handle of one broom. So streamline and fast. Lucie could picture herself twisting and turning and moving quick to block quaffles on something like that. Her hand dropped from the broom again. It just wasn't going to happen. But something else did. As she turned she heard a clatter behind her. The broom she'd touched had fallen and Lucie stared at it with a flushed face. "I didn't mean for that to happen," she stammered out when she heard footsteps approach. It was an accident."

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