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First Come, First Serve.

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First Come, First Serve. Empty First Come, First Serve.

Post by Julie-Pierre Krischstein on Sat Nov 22, 2014 8:19 am

The semester was coming to a close, and Julie-Pierre was getting his grades back up. Now he got all his classes to above passing, making both him and his friends extremely happy. It was sad he had to wait this long, but now he had done it; he had gotten himself ready for the next year.

This was too perfect. To celebrate, he decided to go on the carriage. His mind wondered how it would be. Going on it and letting it do its thing, though, made him smile wide. It was great, seemingly perfect. If only Autumn would have come with him. Maybe he could have had the perfect moment with her.

An idea came to mind. He wanted to start something great about the carriage. "If two people go on a side together, they're be part of each other's lives no matter what," he muttered to himself, the German smiling as he did. It seemed perfect. Maybe this could be the what he could get his friend, the one he was slowly falling for, to spend some simple yet romantic time with him.


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