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One Last Return

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One Last Return Empty One Last Return

Post by Guest on Thu Nov 20, 2014 4:38 pm

Christine dared to pat one of the winged horses on the nose. She smiled at the snorting. "I will miss you," she said wistfully before stepping away. They really where magnificent creatures and she had visited them often in the stables. Never in her life before coming to Beauxbatons had she had opportunity to be near a horse, winged or otherwise.

That, she decided, will all change. One day, as soon as she was able, she would own a horse of her own. And it should not take too long to save up for one. Christine was sure her results would be such that she would have her pick of careers. Her pick of all was a position in the art department at Veela Magazine.

Her thoughts moved quickly from her further future to the much closer one as the students were given the order to board the carriage. She was going home one last time. One last time living under her father's roof before finding a place of her own. One last ride in the Beauxbatons Carriage.

She settled into a window seat which gave her a good view. So much chatter was going on around her but Christine was not inclined to join in. She remembered her sister a few years back had been the same. She had not wanted Christine's chatter in her ear on that last carriage ride back. Christine smiled and shook her head at the memory of the little pest she must have made of herself.

The trip back to Paris did not appear to take much time at all. Not near long enough for Christine to prepare herself. She could no longer delay the inevitable. One step outside that carriage and she would no longer be a schoolgirl. She was grown up. Able to perform magic wherever she was (away from muggles of course). And her father would be waiting to meet with the last of his girls no longer a girl. However, no matter how grown up she imagined herself to be now she could not but help throw her arms around her father like a little girl the moment she saw him. Growing up could wait for tomorrow.


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