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Elsje the Squirrel

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Elsje the Squirrel

Post by Lucie Banken on Wed Nov 19, 2014 4:30 am

Lucie was well known in her family for her collection of dolls and her obsession with squirrels. And of course, for those members in the know, her ability to do magic. Thus it was half surprising her birthday present was a stuff squirrel. She wasn't even certain if was right for a fourteen year old to receive a stuffed toy as a gift. A doll which was one of those collectable type of dolls perfectly fine. They were for display only. A stuffed toy was for kids.

She was glad she saved the opening of her present for the kitchens. From the moment it'd been delivered to her at the Feu table during breakfast she'd known it wasn't something to be opened in front of everyone else. And she'd dumped it on her bed when she went up to collect her books for her morning classes. Finally later that evening she was able to get away to a private place and she decided the best private place was one she'd only visited once before; the kitchens where all the delicious meals were served.

After opening the parcel and finding herself staring at the plush squirrel sh knew what she had to do. The Squirrel was placed on the table and the turquoise and blue patterned wrapping paper hidden within her blue silk robes. "Elsje de eekhoorn," she said to the squirrel in Dutch, "you can stay here until another student comes along to adopt you." First years wouldn't be too old would they? They'd be twelve at most. She turned ready to leave found someone had been right behind her. "Oh," she gasped and the wrapping paper fell from her robes to the floor. "You wouldn't want a squirrel called Elsje would you?" she asked with reddened cheeks.

ooc: translation of Elsje de eekhoorn is Elsje the Squirrel.

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