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Flight of the Beater

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Flight of the Beater

Post by Guest on Wed Nov 19, 2014 1:10 am

Quidditch was over for one final year. Whilst she knew she was good enough to play Beauxbatons Quidditich she new she would never be good enough to play professionally. And that suited her. Christine had no desire to play the game professionally. It was a hobby for her during her time as a student. Nothing more and now it was time to say goodbye.

With her broom held in her left hand and her bat in her right she walked down to the pitch. There was no bludger in sight but that did not matter. Christine had no plans to hit bludgers. She just wanted to fly around the pitch one more time and since flying for her, not counting flying lessons in her first two years, always included holding a beater's bat in her hand she needed the bat. How could she say goodbye without it?

She stopped in the middle of the pitch and positioned herself as she'd always done with one hand on her broom and the other gripping the bat. The witch pushed off and began to move to the edge of the pitch. Time to do a circuit. After flying round once and checking there was no-one below she dropped the bat knowing from past experience that it will not break. Then she gripped the broom with both hands and continued to fly around the pitch. Once she had enough Christine hovered. From here she had a good view of the palace, the grounds and the nearby village. "I believe I shall continue to fly," she declared. Christine had already discovered there was a place to fly for anyone not playing professional Quidditch from some of the students in the know. After this she would go visit that place without her bat. There was no longer any need for it. Christine would never play quidditch again. Seven years was enough for her amusement. .

"Goodbye," she said softly to the pitch before flying back down to the ground again. Christine picked up the abandoned bat and decided to leave it in the Cerisier common room for a future hopeful to take up. Perhaps her replacement. It was time to go back up to the school and pack for her final return home.


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