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The Same Boy You've Always Known

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The Same Boy You've Always Known

Post by Malachi St. Holmes on Mon Nov 17, 2014 3:17 pm

Dearest Reader,

Seven years have gone by so fast, it is overwhelming to think that in a few months I will be graduated and cast off into a world of responsibility. I worry about my future constantly. I know what it is that I desire from life, but it seems near to impossible to obtain. I have always been enchanted with fairytales and possibly because of this I dream too much. I wish to be a designer and to make the world beautiful. I wish to marry my true love and have a family. Though I have tried my hardest, it does not guarantee anything.

School has been quite the adventure, just like I had always believed it would be. I do not know how much I have altered during my time here, despite perhaps finally mastering French, but the friendships I have made here will be valued long after I depart from this school. Here I met my best friend, Ryan. My lover, Rosalie. My sister, Ruby. All of them are very dear to me. I will miss Art and Music club, which I have been a member of since I first started attending school and even had the honor of being the leader of these past two years. But most of all I will miss the grandness of the Palace, the warmth aura is brings, and the beautiful people I have encountered here. It is truly a magical school.

Best Regards,


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