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History Repeats Itself

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History Repeats Itself Empty History Repeats Itself

Post by Guest on Sun Nov 09, 2014 10:42 am

Despite having an element of magic in it, History was no more interesting than it was at her muggle school. Seemingly the same stories of war and struggles that happened in the muggle world happened in some form in the wizarding. Which might make one think it'd be easier to learn, but remembering the different names and events were hopeless. Haruhi always found that she needed to take extra time studying in order to pass the different tests they had. However, studying alone was often cumbersome because she nearly always had questions. She had hoped to see the professor to clarify on a few things, but as she entered the classroom in the cold dungeon, she found that he was no where to be seen.

Haruhi took a seat in one of the desks and cracked open her history book to entertain herself as she wait. Her eyelids drooped with every progressive word she read. She most likely would've dozed off if she wasn't startled by the sound of the door opening. Immediately the small girl rose to her feet and turned to face the incomer. "Hello Professor, I don't mean to be a bother but...." Haruhi broke off as she noticed the person was far too young to be the Professor. "Oh, sorry," She uttered, slightly embarrassed. "I was just waiting for the Professor to return so I could ask him a few questions about the material. How about you?" She asked, wondering what brought them down to that classroom. The next History class wasn't for another hour, so they couldn't have just been an early arriver.


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History Repeats Itself Empty Re: History Repeats Itself

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 18, 2014 3:29 pm

Final exams were looming closer and the assignments were building up higher. Christine could feel the pressure building and she so desired to do well in everything. Thus she felt a strong desire to speak to the professor about the essay she was working on. If she was quick enough she may even be able to catch him before his next class. Professor Fortier really was one of the best professors at the school who took things so seriously.

She lifted her hand to knock but then changed her mind and just opened the door instead. Christine had barely put her head around the door when she heard a voice speak. One which sounded nothing like the professor's and of course he was hardly going to call himself professor anyway.

Christine faced the owner of the voice and smiled sympathetically. She nodded. "That is certainly the case with myself," she replied. "Though not likely the same material as yourself." Christine glanced at her watch. "Perhaps I could be of assistance. I have after all passed the material you need assistance with quite a few years back." She placed her books gently on the desk next to the younger girl. "I am Christine Henrau and in my seventh year of History of Magic." She held out her hand as she spoke. "Thus fully qualified to answer your enquiries." Surely Professor Fornier would not mind if Christine assisted an underclassman in the work she was having trouble with. That would give him time to assist her with the enquiry she had about the seventh year essay.


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