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Science Fiction Double Feature

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Science Fiction Double Feature Empty Science Fiction Double Feature

Post by Guest on Sat Oct 25, 2014 1:49 pm

Marceline always found herself with an ample amount of free time when she wasn't working. Emilie and Fontaine always had the oddest hours for her to work, she wondered how anyone ever managed to stumble into shop while it was actually open, but Marceline wouldn't have minded it so if she wasn't always off when Ruby was working. She knew she couldn't disturb her girlfriend while she was at work, so she had to pick up some new hobbies. Comic book stores were only fun on Wednesdays when new issues came out, which left four other days of nothing to do. She didn't really like drinking or going to bars and shopping got boring, so Marceline resorted to a different kind of entertainment; movies.

She always loved a good science fiction movie. The creepier, the better. Old fashioned ones were her favorite, since the black and white picture and cheesy looking effects gave it that certain aesthetic she loved. But she liked modern ones too with unnecessary gore and scary looking monsters. Marceline had snuck into the theatre, not caring to waste a cent of her hard earned money on a film, and took a seat in the center of the theatre.

For awhile, she was alone. There were one or two other people in the theatre, but they were seated far from her and not a bother to her at all. But then, right before the previews started to roll, another person entered and sat directly in front of her. Marceline huffed. This was not what she didn't pay money for. "Seriously? The whole theatre of seats to chose from and you have to chose the seat in front of me?" Marceline uttered in disgust out loud.


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