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The Tomb of Jude Beaumont

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The Tomb of Jude Beaumont

Post by Jude Beaumont on Sun May 12, 2013 6:56 pm

Stories circulate Villa a Cheval that the old cemetery to the left of the village is haunted. Tales of seeing the figure of a small boy, wandering endlessly through the grave have been a favourite of residents, willing to speak to visitors. Some claim to have actually met him, describing the boy as shy and watchful. 'He isn't dangerous,' they say, 'just lost.'

The ghost of Muet Hill Cemetery is known as Jude Beaumont and if you look for the grave beneath the fat oak tree, you will find his tombstone, marked with his premature end. No one knew how it happened and no one who had claimed to have met him had the heart to ask.


credit to the Monster Girl of Monsters
Jude Beaumont

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