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Spice of Life

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Spice of Life

Post by Guest on Wed Oct 22, 2014 3:24 am

Fiona was bored with her job yet again. She had thought she'd finally found the right job for her. She loved potions when she was at school but that was fun. Selling potions and ingredients was not. It was a drag and everything else was a drag too. The witch needed something else to do and even half considered applying for a job as a welcome witch at St. Cinna's. It had been advertised but at the last minute Fiona changed her mind.

Now she was slumped over a coffee and a danish feeling bored out of her skull. How had her life come to this? An endless battle of deciding whether this job or that job would suit? Did she really need a job? Fiona shook her head at that thought. Nope. She couldn't rely on Rene for everything. She needed some level of independence. The witch tapped her mug and looked around the bakery for some inspiration.

"Oi. You. I've a question for you. What's your career?"


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