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Help Me, Help You

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Help Me, Help You

Post by Guest on Mon Oct 20, 2014 3:18 pm

Aleta was always a bit shaky on a broom but she was still determined to play quidditch. Ever since she had seen her first quidditch game, she wanted to play so badly. She had even asked an older boy, Ryan Green, to help her practice. She had met him last year and he had taken her under his wing. While she was under there, she had developed a crush on the older boy. She hadn't meant to, it jsut happened and she thought he was the greatest. She could look past all his flaws and focus on the good parts of him. She noticed that he was musical and he treated her with respect. She liked the color of his eyes and wished that he didn't have such long hair. But she would admire from afar since she was only twelve and it was kind of gross of her to like him. It was just a crush and nothing more than that but she still felt like it was gross in some sort of way.

This was not the time to think about that though, she was here to learn how to become a seeker. She knew that Ryan's skills weren't the best but he was easier to talk to than the other teams' seekers. He was her friend which meant that he was going to be honest with her without being mean about it. After class, she hurried to her room to change into some jeans and her favorite (and lucky) shirt. This shirt always gave her good luck and she wore it underneath her uniform on exam days. Now she was just waiting for Ryan to show up.


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Re: Help Me, Help You

Post by Ryan Green on Mon Oct 27, 2014 5:53 pm

Ryan was an a good seeker but he hadn't been doing so hot lately. But that didn't stop him from trying. He was approached by his little friend with a question that he couldn't say no to. She asked him if he could teach her how to play qudditch. Even though he was a seeker, he had picked up how to play other positions from seeing others and practicing with teammates. This year he was captain and his teammates were counting on him to be a great captain. They didn't need to know that he was helping a Nuage student with quidditch. They would have his head.

He was a little late when he finally arrived to the quiddith pitch. But as soon as he did, he set his things down and crossed his arms. "Run half way across the field then back until I say stop," he called to her. He wasn't about to go easy on her just because they were friends.

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