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Growing Up

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Growing Up

Post by Guest on Sun Oct 19, 2014 11:57 am

It seemed to him that as soon as summer vacation hit, Beauregard shot up in height along with the sunflowers. The process had been painful and even more so as Beauregard blatantly did not fit in half of his clothes anymore. Pants stopped short at his calves and long sleeved shirts were more like three quarter sleeves. His powder-blue uniform unquestionably did not fit him when he tried it on a week before term was to start, which landed him with an extra stop during his school shopping trip.

The St. Holmes simply could not afford a pair of new robes for him, especially since it wasn't clear yet whether or not Bo's growth spurt was over yet, so Bo found himself in the second hand robes shop down Whisper Alley. Whisper Alley always gave him the creeps. The other students thought the dangerous aura was fun, but Bo didn't like one moment of it. Fortunately the shop wasn't too far down and he had Marigold with him to give him a sense of protection.

There were so many robes to choose from, most of them not hung up properly and some dropped carelessly on the ground. It was hard to determine which robes were school robes, as Bo picked up and examined every article of clothing that was blue. He sighed heavily. He wondered whether he'd be able to find a pair in his size if he could even find a uniform.

Someone near him was holding a Beauxbatons uniform. Bo approached them with caution. "Pardon me, but where did you find that? I can not seem to find a single uniform here." He told the person. Maybe there was an entire section of them that he wasn't seeing. The shop was awfully disorganized.


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Re: Growing Up

Post by Harley Fenwick on Sun Oct 19, 2014 12:44 pm

The seasonal growth spurt had hit again, and it was equally as terrible as the last. Good God, when will I stop growing? She didn't have the time to buy new robes, nor the money, so for a while she had to deal with the hem being a couple inches too short. It worked for a couple days (almost a full week) before a professor had stopped her and dress coded her, saying that she was not dressed properly. What else could she do but apologize and tell her she was buying a new uniform soon? So there she was, in a secondhand uniform shop, trying to find a size to accommodate her long legs. Finding a blouse was easy, but good god, where did they keep the stupid skirts?

Suddenly, she realized someone was addressing her, so she turned to face them properly. "Um, Bo, right? Hey! I haven't seen you in a while. Exams kill, right? Oh, the guys uniform section is in row..." She knew she saw the aisle somewhere, but where was it? "I know it's here. I'll help you look. Maybe I'll find something that fits me."

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Re: Growing Up

Post by Guest on Sun Nov 02, 2014 11:00 am

For a brief moment, Bo almost asked the person if he could try on the uniform they found if it didn't fit them, but then he realized the person was a witch and stopped dead in his tracks as he thought about wearing one of those skirts the female uniform had.

He smiled gently as the girl addressed him by name. What were the chances of them meeting here of all places? He remembered the face well, but could not place a name for the life of him. All he remembered was the pricking of pins from the last time they met. "Hello again," he replied. "I dread the exams that I am to take in the later years of school," he answered. If he remembered correctly, the blonde witch was the same year as his cousin, which meant she would be graduating soon. "Good luck on the N.E.W.T.s. I know Kai is already freaking out about them," he added, following the witch as she moved to find where the blue uniforms were.

"I might've avoided the pricking of needles this time but now it seems I am stuck in a different sort of hell in which I cannot find a single uniform which- oh wait. Is that it there?" Beauregard pointed towards a corner where a pile of mostly blue clothes laid. "This shop really needs organization," he noted as he picked one up. Sure enough it was a Beauxbatons uniform. "Rats. It's female," He handed it towards the blonde witch in hopes that maybe she could wear it and then dug through the pile more.


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Re: Growing Up

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