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Rules on Student Rooming System

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Rules on Student Rooming System

Post by Minister Gallifrey on Sun May 12, 2013 11:51 am

Rooms are assigned by number, in order of who was sorted and will be two people per room. Your roommate is assigned to you and by no means can it be switched. Only members of the same gender, year and house can be assigned as roommates. However, people who do not live in that room are free to visit as the roomer wishes, including members of different houses and sexes. After 8:30 pm, members of the opposite sex are not permitted to be in the room, for this is a classy school and things should be kept classy, not trashy.

Since this site is still lacking members, some of you may notice you are roomed up with an non-playing character, or an NPC. This means that your character’s roommate isn’t an active playing character, but yet still exists. You have the freedom to GM SOME things about this character as long as it doesn’t go into extremes.

Examples of appropriate NPC roommate GMing:

Miranda White tripped over the vast collection of her roommates shoes and grunted. Her messy roommate was always leaving her stuff all over the place...
John Doe entered his room and nodded a hello to his roommate before slumping onto his bed. The other boy gave him a look of concern but didn’t say anything, not that John wanted to talk about it anyway.

Examples of unacceptable NPC roommate GMing

Miranda White tripped over the vast collection of her roommate’s, Jane Doe’s, shoes and grunted. That spoiled girl bought a new pair on every trip she went on, and it was an understatement to say she went on a lot trips. She had shoes from all over the world, displaying the many different places where Jane Doe had been. Jane was almost snobbish about it, being a girl of many travels. It annoyed Miranda deeply which only added fuel to their poor relationship.
GMing a NPC roommate shouldn’t get to the point where you are practically writing another character.

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