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Post by Guest on Mon Sep 29, 2014 11:53 am

Not knowing much French was starting to take a toll on the eleven year old. She couldn't understand a word anyone was saying which was making her uncomfortable. She was so used to understanding the language spoken in front of her but now she did not. It was like the blanket of security was yanked from underneath her and now she was lost without it. She tried to keep up with people but it was so hard. She knew some basics but that couldn't help her when she was trying to hold a conversation with someone. What she really needed was some help and she was unable to get any because she didn't know how to ask. She had lost her father in the crowd so the first thing she did was go back to the pub in which she started her journey. Her father would find her eventually, right? Until then, she would sit alone at a table. It was the best thing to do at this point.

So, she took a seat at an empty table and put her head down. You must not cry, you must not cry. It took a lot out of her not to cry and she succeeded in not letting a tear drop. But she was still worried and the strangers around her were not making things any better.


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