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The Way to Luxembourg

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The Way to Luxembourg

Post by Linette Puchard on Thu Apr 18, 2013 9:41 pm

The first thing Linette noticed when she entered the owlery was her missing barn owl. Heidi was normally predictable, boringly predictable, but today, one of those days when Linette had a letter to send she was nowhere to be seen. Of all days to go and do something out of character it had to be this day. Naturally. "Heidi where have you gone you silly owl," the second year muttered to herself.

Just when she thought her luck was changing Linette found it wasn't at all. Louise deciding she wanted Beauxbatons over Durmstrang was just the beginning of the bad luck. How on earth was Linette supposed to keep her family situation secret if her sister ended up coming to Beauxbatons? Now the ruddy owl wasn't around so that Linette could head off this disaster and convince Louise Durmstrang would be a better choice.

Linette looked down at the letter and then up at the other owls. Which was the most trustworthy with this letter? It was so hard to know when the only owl she'd ever really trusted was hers. "Which of you knows the way to Luxembourg?" she asked the feathered population in general.


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