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Are you Afraid of the Dark?

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Are you Afraid of the Dark?

Post by Osmund Hollow on Tue Apr 16, 2013 6:56 pm

Something terrible dwelled in the bowels of the school, they said. Osmund wasn't one to believe such things, though. Sure the corridors below the surface level of the school were colder and darker than the rest and sometimes when he went on his way to History of Magic, he could swear that the drafty breeze that drifted along it was a cold hand reaching for him. Nothing ever happened though and the Oullett always found himself relieved once he entered the pooling light of the classroom. It was no big deal.

Though he was unafraid to claim his opinion that there was nothing to fear in the dungeons, it seemed that proof was still needed. Exploration seemed a bit juvenile, in his opinion, but since it was in the name of proving a point, he felt he could make the exception to proof all skeptics wrong.

Wand at his side, the boy made his way past the door of the history of magic classroom and further into depths that he had never traveled to before, for, he had never found need to. The further he went, the darker things seemed to get. Silence surrounded him like a thick cloud and harshened his breathing, the loudest thing he could hear. He had a horrible feeling that he was being watched, stalked even. Could this be it? The folktales of the meek in flesh and blood? He could feel his heart working overtime, pounding on his ear drums. He reached for his wand and uttered the incantation for light as quickly as he could, turning to face his pursuer in the newfound light. Osmund exclaimed at the face of a human, in the flesh, sounding annoyed and yet relieved, at the same time, "What the bloody hell are you doing down here!?"

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