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Find People Who Care For You

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Find People Who Care For You

Post by Guest on Sat Sep 06, 2014 4:50 am

Hello. Wait, is that too formal…? Oh well. Once you’ve read this I’ll have long since graduated from Beauxbatons. And what will my name mean to people? Probably not much. I was a good student in my time at the school. Good grades, never once got detention, but I never once signed up for a club or quidditch. I kept to myself mostly and hung out with friends…

Friends are important. I was pretty lucky. I became very good friends with two of the coolest people I will have ever met. And one of those friends became my girlfriend. Yeah, pretty crazy. I guess my words of wisdom for you are to find friends. People who love you completely and entirely for who you are. Because I think that’s the whole point of being with someone. That you can talk to them and let go of everything; and even when you’re at your worst, they still like you, still want to speak to you and care about you.

So, I wish you luck on your journey at Beauxbatons and I wish you to find happiness, random student. Oh and join a club or something.

Tamara Perle


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