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Never Tasted So Sweet...

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Never Tasted So Sweet...

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 11, 2013 9:20 pm

Katie strode into 'Le Petit Dragon' purposely. Excitement was running through the young Casavant, it was summer time and she had had lots of time to just be free and herself. She hadn't really done much at all, except sit around the house and listen to her mother and younger sister go on and on about fashion, and all the latest gossip from both the muggle and magical world. It got quite boring, the same repetitive talk, hearing it every single day...

Slipping into an empty seat, Katie leaned back in her chair and smiled when a mug of Butterbeer was placed in front of her. She flashed a smile at the bar-tender and picked it up, swirling it around. Drinking some she smiled and let her eyes wander about the room, it was quite empty, surprising for the holidays and even more surprising that there weren't many people in large groups going out on 'shopping dates'...

Hearing the chair opposite her getting pulled back, the redhead's eyes moved to look at the figure, she smiled and said, "Hello! How are you?"


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