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Alien Landscapes with People Snatchers

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Alien Landscapes with People Snatchers Empty Alien Landscapes with People Snatchers

Post by Lucie Banken on Fri Aug 08, 2014 11:41 pm

Lucie wanted to go home now and would have grabbed her grandmother's hand to drag her back through the pub if she weren't concerned she might be taken for being much younger than her eleven years. The pub had been bad enough but this alley was full of people of all ages. Lots of strange and odd people and strange shops.

With her eyes concentrated on everyone around her Lucie failed to notice Nanna getting swallowed up by the crowd. She gulped and felt a wave of panic come over her. "NANNA?" she called out and strained her ears to hear an answering cry but heard nothing. Nothing but the yells and chatter of the people around her. "NANNA!" she tried again but still nothing. Desperate to find her way to the destination they'd been headed in Luice reached out and tugged someone's sleeve. "Where'll I find Banque de L'or?"

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