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Post by Guest on Fri Aug 08, 2014 2:58 am

There was movement all around her in Amethyst Alley but Stephanie was transfixed by the elderly wizard playing a cello.  He looked like life had dealt him many a hard blow and yet his music was uplifting.  There were a few coins thrown in to the case he had at his feet.  Stephie had thrown a couple of sickles in there herself.  

She'd smiled when an opportunistic thief tried to take some of the money only to have his hand bitten by the lid of the case.  That made this scene different to something similar she might have observed on the muggle streets of Paris.  Without the advantage of magic the thief might have succeeded so long as he didn't get nabbed by a passer-by or hit over the head by an umbrella (something she'd once witnessed when a bag snatcher nearly got away with his crime).

The music soon came to an end and the wizard packed up his cello and levitated it away along with his takings.  Stephanie sighed at the loss of the beauty of the music.  The sounds were now replaced by that of people walking and chattering away as they walked around her.  The witch looked up and down the street as she tried to recall why she'd come into Amethyst Alley in the first place.  She knew there was a task she was supposed to perform for some reason.  Not work.  Her shift didn't begin until much later.  It was personal.  Something personal and important but her mind wouldn't co-operate as she began to hum the melody of the last tune the wizard had played.


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