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Hear the Music

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 30, 2014 2:12 pm

If anyone is reading this I am not someone with wisdom to share.  I may have wrote what appeared to be 'words of wisdom' in my articles but they weren't that.  They were just me working through some issues in a public arena.  Crazy for a private person such as myself.

There is nothing I really want to say about my time here. Who's going to care that I was a prefect or captain of a Quidditch team which lost more matches than they won?  Or was leader of the Student Organised Press?  I know I don't remember those who came before me and thus, like them, I too shall be forgotten.

Or will I?  It depends on what comes of my future ambition.  Listen to the wireless. One day, if all goes to plan, you may hear me.  I'm not afraid to boast in this letter because I don't believe anyone will read it but I know I have talent.  A talent which I would have whether I was a witch or not.  Coming here hasn't changed that.  And so I go changed but not changed at all.

Stephanie Henrau
the girl who will not leave her mark on the school


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