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Goodbyes Around a Punch Bowl

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Goodbyes Around a Punch Bowl

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 15, 2014 9:13 pm

Grace was actually a little scared to be the only Miller at Beauxbatons next year. Even if she wouldn't admit it she would kind of miss Mabel if only a little bit. She was walking to the punch bowl to get punch for Tamara and herself when she ran into Mabel. "Hey." She smiled and scooped the punch. "How's your night going? Mine is pretty fabulous." Grace giggled softly. "Do you mind talking for a little bit?"

Grace bit her lip. It was cool if Mabel didn't want to talk, but it was worth a shot to see if they could just chat for a minute, plus Grace was slightly tired and sitting down would not have been a bad thing.


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Re: Goodbyes Around a Punch Bowl

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 15, 2014 11:00 pm

Evwn though Ezra and Mabel had been dating since the begining of the year, she still wanted him to ask her properly to the dance instead of assuming they were going together. She had been giving for hints weeks prior to the gathering. Two weeks before the dance and he still hadn't asked her. So, she was forced to go dress shopping without him. She couldn't tell him her dress color either or he'd never ask her out, he'd just assume to show up in something matching.

She had settled on a simple gold dress that came just above her knees. She was just waiting for him to ask her. Another week went by until she finally blew up at him. Like she thought, he had assumed they would be going together. After telling him what she wanted, he made sure to make it up to her.

Now, she was at the dance with the best date ever. She couldn't get over how yummy he looked in his tux. She was begining to get thirsty so she decided to get some punch while Ezra chatted wit some friends. She knew that Grace was old enough to attend the dance but she hadn't expected to run into her. "Hey," she rolled her eyes. "I have the perfect date so my night was been just perfect."

Now what would Grace want to talk about? She looked back at Ezra, who was still talking to some friend, then looked back at her sister. "Yeah, I guess I can talk."


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