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Ghostly Grave

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Ghostly Grave

Post by Linette Puchard on Mon Jun 30, 2014 7:00 pm

Finally Linette was given the chance to do some reporting. Mostly fluff articles but it was a start. She was willing to take whatever was thrown at her in an effort to show she was just as good as any other reporter in the office. Her current assignment was to see if she could find Jude Beaumont's ghost in the local graveyard and dare to ask him the question many wouldn't. Somehow her boss had worked out her ability to do things many shied away from. Thus the assignment.

She boldly entered the cemetery and looked for the oak tree she knew his grave was under. "Target located," she said to herself with a nod of her head. The witch stopped at the grave and looked around. No sign of the ghost and she already knew the grave stone wouldn't give her the information she needed. Maybe a different angle might be needed. That way if she failed to find the ghost then she could still report on him.

"Ah-ha," she cried out triumphantly as she latched onto the first person she saw. "Today is your lucky day. You get to be interviewed for an article in the Wizarding World Weekly. Interested? Of course you are." Without giving them a chance to respond in the negative she launched into her first question. "Have you ever had the chance to catch a glimpse of or see the ghost of Jude Beaumont?"


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