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Toad on a Plate

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Toad on a Plate

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 30, 2014 5:10 pm

Marie-Laure pushed aside the remains of her uninspiring meal with a sigh. She knew she should have gone somewhere else. The pub fair was never as good as other places she'd taken to frequenting since moving out of home. Today it was made worse by the fact that many of the Beauxbatons students were milling around preparing for the new school year.

She picked up her drink as someone bumped into the back of her chair. "Careful," she chided to the fast retreating back. Marie-Laure turned back round to face frontwards and her eyes fell to the formerly empty plate. There in the middle of it was a toad. She looked up and her eyes latched onto the first person she saw. "Is this thing yours?" she asked pointing to the ugly amphibian.


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